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slipped tile (job of the month)

slipped slates in e12 Write your post here.this months Job of the month is just a simple tile repair,   This slipped tile in Manor Park London E12   was carried out quite quickly as the client had checked the roof after strong winds.He told me it could of been the vibrations from low flying aircraft fromcity airportbu I was adamant it was the wind. I thought i would bring this into the spotlight as for such a small issue if left the damage can go beyond  causing issues with your undersarking felt  rotting rafters and eventually causing water to ingress  usually at the bottom of the roof once the water has deteriorated the roofing undersarking felt.

singleply Epdm shed roofs

epdm works in progressepdm roofingThis months job of the month takes us to sunnyHainaultin the London borough of Redbridge,  Well the client had  a couple of sheds in the back garden and wanted to recover them,  we come up with a low pricedepdmsolution as he was not very keen on re surfacing the sheds in thefelt. we used a 1.2 membrane instead of the thicker 1.6mm  to keep the cost down and although the membrane works out slightly more expensive compared to the felt it is less labour intensified (I laid the 2 roofs on my own 31 square metres in total in around 7 hours)so saved on the labour costs associated with the installation.

Flat roofing overlays

flat roofing essexfelt roofs canvey islandtorch on roofs bitumen roofsOur client who had a Asphalt roof laid in a communal block building in  Canvey Island Essex, had several issues with rain water  ingressing into the property, despite having previous repairs  to the roof.  The roof was blistered  and had cracks to the up stands and the roof was at the end of its lifespan.  however the client was not financially in the position to afford a new roof and had asked us for a solution.  We went and surveyed the roof and listed the issues to the client.

chas acredited

well we all know the dangers involved in working at heightand how important thesafety of our workers and  employees are. We take this very seriously so decided to up our safety ratings and procedures.  We are now or have recently been accredited toCHASconstruction health and safety assessment scheme. They are a vigorous health and safety assessment to ensure the correct procedures are being carried out in the workplace and sets the standard that is required  by Local authorities and large contractors alike when vetting a sub contract company.

what flat roof should i choose

what are the difference in flat roofing technologies i hear a lot of people ask. is there a superior system. what is the difference betweensingle plyepdmand single ply pt or pte.  the difference betweentorch onbuilt up systems and asphalt mastic.  Is Fibreglass roof  better than felt  etc.

Well lets start at the beginning, there is a lot of stigma around flat roofs and people think they are problematic.  Flat roofing technologies have come a long way since the early days when we used to come round  with a hot pot (bitumen boiler) with a pour and roll system.

storm daisy

well Storm Daisyhas got underway and has caused havoc and destruction across the uk even killing a couple of poeple on the way.  When the winds exceed 70mph there is often structural damage caused to roofs such as blown off slates or tiles or some other form of damage to the building. If you have damage to your property then you should call your insurance company alongside usAldersbrook roofingto" target="_blank">start a claim.

january remedial wrk

felt bay aldersbrookLead flashings ,aldersbrook roofingroof repairs aldersbrook roofingSome remedial s that we carried out on a nice Mews property inPadington London,

the client had some issues with water ingress into the property when we carried out a inspection to the roof area we found the following issues  as photographed below.

rainwater pipes aldersbrook roofingWe had inspection to the flat roof and we had found that several issues with the roof design were water was being trapped behind a water tank housing. this was the area were the main water ingress into the property was.  We come up with the solution of re directing the fall and felting the section with a

canvassers wanted

We are currently looking for canvassers in the london area for the promotion of one of our products, good rates of commission for the right candidates.  please telephone me Danny on 0800 956 1996  or E mail me at [email protected]

job of the month jan 2016

Sorry I havent been here for a while,  Job of the month Jan 2016 London

I bring you to day to our project352 square metresof overlay roofing system InKenington London SE14,  Our client is a property managment companymcs.  The works entailed was to give the existing asphalt roof system a new lease of life so we opted for anord bitumihigh performance system which will give them an aditionall20 years of guarantee. It is common toupgrade the insulationwhen carrying out this type of roofing system however this was not required on this ocasion   

january job pick of the month

skyline east london ilford

rotten batten discovered by aldersbrookdormer ilfordexposed dormer aldersbrook roofingTodays job of the month brings us toilfordin east london. The job entailed diagnostics of a leak into the clients bathroom.  it was agreed that some investigative works should be carried out as there was no broken tiles or anything else  visually that  could be causing the issue.  we stripped the tiles from the side of the dormer to check the soaker system as these can sometimes move or slip.  we ruled out corrosion in this instance due to the age of there loft conversion.

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slipped tile (job of the month)
singleply Epdm shed roofs
Flat roofing overlays
chas acredited
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